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          Top Mother’s Day Treats

          And here it is again, same time every year. Every mother’s day we all try and look for the perfect gift for mum. The absolute, most perfect gift. Often would scour the internet for hours, ask friends and friends mothers, mother friends for suggestions, even subtly...

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          Life Through the Aussie Lens

          I took my teenage daughter to the movie adaptation of the Tim Winton novel, Breath, last night. It was a stunningly visual meditation on life through the Aussie lens, set in the 1970s on the south-west coast of Western Australia. Tim Winton did the narration himself...

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          Our Cultural Narrative

          To be an Australian in 2018 means what I wonder? Is it still that we are young and free, and girt by sea? Or, are we in the grip of a greed inspired by rapacious real estate prices for places we used to call home? Does the beach still beat at the skin of youthful...

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